Once home to the RAF, Summerfields is Wilmslow's "new" estate. Not the most picturesque bit of the area but of some significance.

It's been growing for the last ten years or more. Eventually it will extend from Dean Row all the way into town. Summerfields is bisected by the A34 Wilmslow bypass.

The developers now give new parts individual names such as "King's Row', "Regent's Park" and "The Villas" but everyone knows the area as Summerfields. Personally I think the areas and roads should be given names related to the RAF, such as Spitfire Drive, Chocks Way and Whitecoal Park.

Summerfields shopping centre. Took some time to get going, but now has several useful shops. But what is this sign - it's on a mysterious building with no obvious function. Click on the picture to see the sign closer.

Entrance to one of the more recent parts of Summerfields. Note the mysterious bunker left of centre. The flags indicate the developer's sales staff are in residence.

Build we must for a greater Wilmslow

Ditto for another newish area. Far left is yet another another bunker. Are these things entrances to a secret underground RAF Command & Control Centre? We should be told.

Thistlewood Drive (above & below) is a fairly typical bit of the estate. How come the sun never shines on Summerfields?

Summerfields is an estate agent's paradise as it has a high property turnover.

The public footpath from Dean Row to the town centre. As the Summerfields estate has grown it has turned into a narrow alley between the railway and backs. The houses to the left are on the site of the former rifle range. At the right time of year it's heaving with blackberries; and no-one seems to want to pick them.


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