Wilmslow - Fort Barclays

Once upon a time the end wall of Barclays Bank looked like the photo below - with a seat to shelter from the rain or just watch the passers-by.

But then it was fenced off. This picture shows Barclays' branch in Wilmslow town centre up to the end of 2004:

Fort Barclay - Grove Street

After protests the side gate was left unlocked so that people could sit in the arcade again during the daytime; but it wasn't the same as it used to be...

Wilmslow from behind bars.

And eventually after continued public protest the bars have been removed so that Wilmslow once again has the use of the arcade. But not to sit down. The seat has gone too. Here's how it looks in 2010:

The plaque on the wall behing the railings. None of this is quite what the Ladies Luncheon Club had in mind I think.

Whose Space is it Anyway?