Wilmslow - Dean Row

What Are All These Deans Then?

The name "Dean" features a lot around Wilmslow. This is I think because of the River Dean which winds (all rivers wind) its way around the area. I haven't discovered where the name Dean comes from yet. The River Dean starts above Rainow, flows through Bollington and Adlington Hall's grounds, on to the Deanwater (Handforth), and thence to Wilmslow where it joins the River Bollin.

Some of the Dean-related names are:

This page is about Dean Row, an area in the north of Wilmslow. I hesitate to call it a village because there are few houses (the Summerfields estate doesn't count in my opinion - it's a new area of its own) and no visible centre. The chapel (below) is on the southern edge of Dean Row.

Panoramic view of fields at Dean Row.

This is Dean Row Chapel; click here to see more pictures.