Wilmslow - Fulshaw

Fulshaw Hall, just south of the roundabout but not visible from the road. Currently used as office accommodation.

Below is a view taken from a postcard circa 1913. Almost nothing has changed apart from a few plants coming & going.

Fulshaw Hall was the home of the Finney family, notably Samuel Finney after whom a Wilmslow pub is named. It passed (I think) into other hands around the turn of the last century. At the start of the 2nd World War it was requisitioned by the War Office; they used it for training SOE & other similar organisations' agents. After the war it was sold to ICI, now AstraZeneca.

You can find out more about the Finney Family and Fulshaw Hall at the Finney UK web site.

Fulshaw Cross. Currently sited by the Knutsford Road roundabout South of the town centre

Keep going south towards Alderley Edge beyond the Knutsford Road roundabout and you are on Alderley Road.