Wilmslow - Town Centre

Wilmslow - Town Centre

Wilmslow town centre in the early evening looking West & North from Water Lane on the left, through pedestrianised Grove Street centre right to Bypass Road (yes that's it's name!) on the right.

Wilmslow - Town Centre

The town centre looking West towards the setting Sun; the Lamborhini is heading into Water Lane.

Wilmslow - Town Centre

Wilmslow town centre looking South; at Christmas. The large building occupying threequarters of the picture is Hoopers Department Store; formerly Finnigans. Click on the tree on the far right to see it five months later. Click on the tree in the centre to see what the view is on the other side of the road opposite.

Wilmslow - Town Centre Hoopers

This is Hooper's by night with a very nice window display brightening up the town centre.

A bit further up; on the other side. formerly Lucas & Co solicitor's office. Now redeveloped so a new photo coming eventually.

Wilmslow - Cricket

Wilmslow 2nd XI on their way to a narrow loss to RPR 2nd XI in a cricket match outside the Leisure Centre. Click here if you want to see more cricket.

This is the road through the town centre with Sainsbury's behind and to the right.

Trees in summer. Click on the picture to see them in winter. Now swinging round to my right...

The other side of the road.

At the southern end of the town centre we find most of the estate agents in a row and on the other side Sainsbury's.

The picture above is looking back towards the town centre. And looking to the right we see..

Sainsbury's. The main entrance is in the car park but they've put a very attractive mural along the main road wall. Click here to see and learn more about it.

Back to the Rex for a moment. During converson to a furniture store one could see where film publicity photos were displayed. I believe the last film shown was Four Weddings and a Funeral. The Rex used to be a cinema and theatre but is now a furniture showroom.

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