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Styal Cottage Homes - General View
Today - the Homes are arranged in neat rows. Little changed from this picture taken around 1910.
Styal Cottage Homes

A building from the other side. They exterior seems to have been little-modified during their lives, apart from the wire guards over the windows and disabled access features.

This is the school in 1910; I didn't see a similar building today.

Styal Cottage Homes

Styal Cottage Homes

Above; two pictures of the clock tower today. The clock tower used to be the general offices, and behind the grey sheeting was the matron's office.

Buildings and the clock tower around 1910. The area at the far end was known as the parade ground.

Styal Cottage Homes

Another cottage.

The superintendent's residence circa 1910.
Styal Cottage Homes - Sports Hall?

The gym - with "Games for All" over the entrance. It used to be the cinema in the Cottage Homes era. I've not found a building quite like this in any old photo so maybe the columns are a relatively recent addition?

This is the hospital circa 1910.
Styal Cottage Homes - Chapel Styal Cottage Homes - Chapel Window

The Chapel. This is the view from the road.

Close-up of a window in the Chapel.

Styal Cottage Homes - Prison Entrance

The entrance to today's prison on Styal Road. The red-brick building at the main entrance was known as the Lodge; it served as a girls' home, and visitors and parents would report there first. As you entered the building the room on the right would be the meeting room for parents and children.

You can see from this 1910 picture of the entrance to Styal Cottage Homes that little has changed.

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