Wilmslow - Styal Cottage Homes - Val Lawton

This page has memories and pictures contributed by Val Lawton (Valentine Carberry when in Styal); he was at Styal from 1942, aged 7, to 1951.

"Myself, 2 brothers and a sister went in Styal on the 30th November 1942, came out in 1951 with my brother David to be told Edwin and Jean were adopted on the 7th May 1943. After 50 years I found Jean, but not Edwin.

I ofton go to Styal wandering past the school gates with no school now, past Styal homes carrie on down Twinnies hill, across Wilmslow Park where we played a lot in woods and the River Bollin, they weren't all bad to us, some were very good strict but good.

This picture was probably taken on a trip to the Lake District in 1947 or 1948. I am in the 2nd row up, 2nd from right next to the master.

This is outside Nut Cottage in 1943. I am front left.

During the war we had a Ships Corner in the main hall, this had all manner of items in it photos etc. We adopted one of HM ships and made things for them, the ship was called H.M.S MIRALDER; the girls made clothing socks etc. The photo is Ships Corner in 1944. I am in the sailor uniform.

Around 1943-44 the Americans billeted with us, they used to give us ice cream and tins of sweets. We also must have had the most sadistic headmaster in England; Mr Smith (we called him Smiggy)."

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