RAF Wilmslow - Recollections - Rodney Senior

Rodney Senior was "a 'Reluctant Hero' from February 1954 until February 1956. Did my recruit training at Wilmslow, Air Wireless course at Yatesbury, and the rest of my time at RAF Linton on Ouse, near York. Very handy for my home in Huddersfield!

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Don’t have too many memories of Wilmslow except it was B....y cold! The hot water was limited in a morning, so you had to get up early.

I remember stoking up the pot bellied stove until it glowed. It only heated the immediate area, so we sat on the nearest beds to try and keep warm. One evening we knocked over the stove – That caused a panic I can tell you! I remember literally spit and polishing my boots by heating up a spoon on the stove, and then rubbing it on the toe caps and heels to get the bumps our. Highly illegal, but we all did it, and I still clean shoes much the same way!

Can’t recall the Flight number etc, and only a couple of names. “Brer” Rabbitt, who jumped out of the barbers shop window as he wasn’t having HIS hair shorn! Also Brian Smith, who was my best friend (and Guardian – He was talland big, and I wasn’t too big or athletic!!)

Rodney has lived in Canada since 1967, but still follows Huddersfield Town, and celebrated his 50th wedding anniversary in England in 2010.

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