RAF Wilmslow - Recollections - Colin Burgess

Colin Burgess arrived in 1951: "In 1951 I was kitted out at RAF Padgate and then sent over to RAF Wilmslow for training. It was very strict and was commanded by Group Captain Crump. After training I was sent on a course to RAF Kirkham and then posted back to Wilmslow again. So I was there from 1951 to 1953. I had a great time and sometimes wished I had stayed in the RAF.

While I was there there was a very special parade which took place which included members of the army and navy, they were practicing for days, marching around the camp six abreast, ceremonial swords were issued, before they did, the officers the officers on parage were marching around holding garden canes, it looked uite funny. I also heard six medals were issued. I believe, but may not have my facts right, it was the only time the Trooping of the Colour has been held outside London. I of course managed to be on essential duties. I did wonder if the Air Force took any photos of this at the time.

The picture below is from 1951...

No. 4 S of RT RAF Wilmslow


Pete Adams, John Beart, Ginger Boultwood, Terry Broadbent, Harry Bailey, Carter, Brown, Connerly


John Bulimore, Bradley, Fred Bones, Berwood, Ron Brookes, ?, ?, Charles Budd, Terry Briginshaw


Ray Courtney, Tich Brookes, Ray Burrows, ?, Corp Wright, Colin Burgess, Beesen, Cox, Ken

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The RAF Wilmslow Rifle Team 1952...

RAF Wilmslow Rifle Team 1952


Wally Butler. Tohn Mullin. Sgt. Daine. Chiefy Stobbs. Sgt. Jones. Frank Randell. Colin Burgess. Sgt.Hardy.


Cpl. Lowman. Cpl. Snape. P.O.Perry. Flt. Lt. Fenton. P.O. Atkinson. Sgt. Floyd. Mark Neild.

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