RAF Wilmslow - Recollections - Alec

Alec was an Airman on the permament staff at RAF Wilmslow for 18 months in 1955 and 1956 and sent some notes, a photo and a map.

"The map took me a few days to compile from memory and covers mainly the places that I worked, took part at all the Passing out Parades on the camp etc at that time, including being in the RAF Hospital with Asian Flu at the time of the deaths there.

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The Central Registry was at the South Gate, I worked there when I first arrived at Willmslow, as a Clerk Org from RAF Melksham Wiltshire. I was there for about 4 months also at RAF Padgate for my Basic Training and RAF Cardington Bedford for to be kitted out, The reason for this Home posting was that I had to be near to my foster mother or guardian who I was with from the age of 4, she was an old age pensioner and a widow and thus my next of kin, my birth mother moved to the south of England in 1939.

We had to learn to touch type so a number of us were sent to the local Night School in the village for about 4 weeks, and take the exam back on Camp, to pass we had to type 12 words per minute, most of us passed this exam, this now made me an AC2 with more money which just about paid my bus fare --- so bought a bicycle as an investment for 2/pound 10/s from the Clerk of Works on the camp,it was a raleigh, very heavy but strong, I used it on Camp every day and around the local countryside in all weathers, the lanes had no traffic at night --- the exercise kept me fit.

SASRA (The Soldiers’ and Airmen’s Scripture Readers Association) - I was the secretary. It was volunt ary work and in my own time. We would meet in a room at the C of E Church. including the recruits, everyone was welcome! Below are some SASRA items:

The Hospital and Asian Flu - I was a patient in the RAF Hospital for about 4 weeks with many other recruits and permament staff. The 1st week was a nightmare I can just remember the nurse giving me a drink from a spoon and then I went back into a state of limbo! They were Angels of Mercy I shall always remember them. There were a few deaths. I do not know how many at this time! A sad time for the wives, mothers and children of these serving members of the RAF.

Below is a photograph taken by me. outside the Admin Section."

Ceremonial Passing Out Parades. "The Ceremonial Parade attachment will give you an idea of my involvement once a week, weather permmiting as a member of the permament staff at Willmslow."...

The last day...

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