RAF Wilmslow - Every Minute Counts

Every Minute Counts presumably means find something to do in your free time. This room at RAF Wilmslow is filled with useful information to help you do just that.

It is sometime in 1943 and the station theatre is showing "Fingers at the Window", a 1942 film about an axe-murderer in Chicago. Also "The Pied Piper" another 1942 film which is still shown occasionally on TV (Roddy McDowell is in it). The other films, all 1942 vintage, are "My Heart Belongs to Daddy", "They All Kissed the Bride", "Here We Go Again", "Flying Fortress" and "Wrecking Crew". Flying Fortress is not the William Wyler classic, but does star Richard Greene.

The Wilmslow Guild provided entertainment and education that was a little more highbrow. A Douglas Jones was lecturing on "The English House" from Norman to contemporary times.

The Wilmslow Guild is still going today and is still where the map at the top shows it's location.

Was there a Russian contingent at RAF Wilmslow? This bilingual poster notes the lack of resemblance between the German High Command and the Aryan ideal.

Don't just sit on the floor!

If lost or in trouble on a journey a WAAF should apply to the RTO. That's the Railway Transport Officer.

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