Wilmslow - Public Houses

and other drinking places

All the pubs near the centre of Wilmslow; well most of them. It's a constantly changing scene and the new ones are more like "wine bars" - i.e. upmarket ideas and prices, bouncers wearing dinner jackets, etc. You can click on some of the pubs to see more.

If you want a job serving behind a bar, come to Wilmslow - almost every establishment has a sign outside advertising for staff. There are now so many drinking places that there aren't enough bar staff to go round.

Latest changes & addition: The Boardroom.

The Swan - traditional interior with low ceilings. Probably the oldest pub in the town. Click on the photo for more.

The King William

The King William - small but popular traditional pub. Also does B&B. Click on the photo for more.

"Forty-Four" - is no more. Formerly "The Wilmslow Wine Bar". For many years was "The Brasserie", sometimes known as "The French Brasserie", on Water Lane. It was a good spot for watching life go by in the town. Adjacent and to your right is The Slug & Lettuce. Click on the photo for more. Currently being done up again so watch this space.

The Slug and Lettuce, formarly the Parisa, on Water Lane. Click on the photo for more.

Revolution. A vodka bar. Most likely be popular with the young (just 18) and the old (ex-RAF types). Formerly The Sam Finney, formerly the Samuel Finney. Named after a notable local of bygone times. Click on the photo for more.

The Coach & Four, formerly the New Inn - adjacent to Sainsbury's. After a major renovation (cost £400,000 apparently) it's not that much different inside (fortunately). And less than a year after its renovation it was refurbished, reopening as a Heritage Inn but fortunately without a further name change. And now it's a Hydes Inn and has a hotel to serve the airport trade too. Click on the photo for more.

The Rectory. Wilmslow's most trendy pub. Nice to sit out in the garden on a sunny day and to avoid the background music which doesn't match its otherwise upmarket image. A newspaper article (denied by The Rectory) alleged yet again that one must wear designer clothing to be allowed in, but I got in wearing an M&S lambswool pullover. Click on the photo for more.

ST Lounge. A a lap dancing bar. Formerly Suede, formerly Zest, in Grove Street. Click on the photo for more. During the day the front is just a roller shutter.

Carters, formerly The Carters Arms. Traditional pub but rather dark inside. Click on the picture for more (new pics needed).

The Bollin Fee, formerly The Grape & Grain - frequently refurbished and is currently a "Lloyds Bar" in the Wetherspoon chain. So, to give it the full official name, it's "Lloyds No. 1 Bar The Bollin Fee". Bollin Fee is the name of one of Wilmslow's former parishes. Very happy customers when I went in - but they were giving away free drinks at the time. Next door to The Swan. Very modern, friendly but noisy. Beer is good.

The King's Arms - the banner on the front advertises their "Chilli Banana Thai Restaurant". Yes I'm baffled too. Presumably it will be renamed The King of Siam's Arms. Located off the Fulshaw roundabout.

The Farmers Arms - another Boddington's tavern. A tall thin pub so the photo's vertical. Click on the picture for more.

The Horse & Jockey - large pub in the Lindow area. Click on the photo for more.

The Riflemans Arms - another Boddington's tavern. A large pub built to cater for the passing trade on the new road to and from Knutsford - the road never materialised but the pub remains.

The Boddington & Dragon, formerly The Boddington Arms, formerly the Range, formerly the Boddington Arms! Also has a Premier Lodge. On the road to Altrincham. Click on the photo for more.

The Summerfield, formerly the Wilmslow Flyer - in the Summerfields shopping centre. Specialises in all-week Sunday roasts at low prices.

The Merlin - also between Wilmslow & Alderley Edge. A gastropub-type restaurant where you can also sit & drink. Named for vague associations with the wizard of Alderley Edge.

Now derelict. Formerly La Tasca, formerly The Hog's Head - formerly The Hogshead - located in the former Porsche showroom. Click on the photo for what it used to be.

The Boardroom. Formerly Boca, formerly Chapters, formerly Waverley's, formerly The Bank Square. Located in Bank Square. Click on the photo for more.

The Unicorn. Out-of-town pub on the road to Woodford.

This will be deleted soon as it has now become a restaurant. Formerly Dunes, formerly Dinks Wine Bar, formerly Hambledons's Wine Bar. Click on the photo for more.

The Honey Bee. A pub in Morley, on the road to Altrincham. Mostly popular for dining out. Click on the photo for more.

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