Wilmslow - Manchester Road

This page is about Manchester Road near its junction with Station Road. It's also known as "the old A34" and Wilmslow Road.

The most notable feature is a row of late Georgian houses, at the right-hand end of which is a building formerly used as a fustian factory; the non-white building in the picture below. You can also view a panoramic picture of the row of houses.

A little further down the hill is a view taken from a postcard circa 1907; and to the right the same view in 2003, almost 100 years later.

Manchester Road Wilmslow

Comparing the pictures one can see that the pub is still in existence, also the white building with an archway to the left of it. The next building looks similar but not quite the same: it may be the same but with extensive changes. On the right side of the road the 2003 sunlit red brick gatepost is the same as the nearest one in the 1907 picture, but it has been shortened. The line of the road has changed a little over the years; there are still a few cobbles visible on the edge of the pavement. Traffic has changed from horse and cart to the motor car; street lighting has been added but telegraph poles are still in use.

Click here to zoom in on the 1907 view.

The next pictures are from the 1930's; taken by Amy May. They are identified as Manchester Road. Thanks to Richard Bullock who worked out the view is looking uphill along Manchester Road to the junction with Station Road. What's now the main road into Wilmslow Centre (oficially named Bypass Road) didn't exist in 1930 and would eventually go straight through the newsagents. So the view is more or less what you'd see if you turned 180 degrees around from the view in the photos above.

Newsagent Manchester Road Wilmslow

The headlines on the boards read:

"Thrills for Women in Great Motor Race" and "Blazing Car Drama in ???? Motor Race" - Sunday Chronicle.

"Desmond ?????, Hydrangea Wins 20-1" - Empire News (also a Sunday paper).

The sign above "Daily Dispatch" says "To Crewe, Daily Mail" but doesn't indicate which way it is.

Newsagent Manchester Road Wilmslow