Wilmslow - Sainsbury's Mural

The side of Sainsbury's facing the main road would be blank and windowless except that someone had the good sense to commission a mural that filled 80 ft of wall.

It was completed in 1989 and is by Judith Bluck. It's actually a three-dimensional brick sculpture that tells one of the legends that surrounds Alderley Edge and its wizard. The sculpture is titled "The Legend of the Iron Gates".

Reading it left to right you can see the wizard trying to relieve a farmer of his horse without success. Later, after failing to sell the horse at the fair, the farmer crosses a field where a sheep grazes; the wizard opens the iron gates accompained by a clap of thunder, pointing to reveal a cavern filled with slumbering soldiers & horses. Explaining the soldiers are waiting to be called to defend the nation's freedom and that the farmer's horse is needed for this, the wizard offers the farmer gold from his chest in exchange. Accepting with alacrity the farmer departs, only to be attacked by ravens. (No I don't understand the last bit either.)

I have spent the last 10 years hoping that one day there would be no cars parked in front of it during daylight so that I can get a good photo of the mural - but it's never happened. I've created the panorama below by joining together pictures kindly lent to me by the artist. (You will probably need to scroll to the right to see it all...)

Below is a detail from the sculpture.

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