Wilmslow - St Bartholomews Church & the Garden of Remembrance

St Bartholomew's Church; built between 1517 and 1537 on the site of an earlier church, of which only the crypt remains. You can peer through a newly-installed window at the crypt which dates to around 1300. The church officially celebrated its 750th annivarsary in January 2000, after which it underwent major renovations.

Until the end of the last century "Wilmslow" was just the area around the church, first recorded around 1300. This included the village pub - the George & Dragon - by the church gate.

In 1894 the ancient parishes of Styal, Stanilands, Morley, Fulshaw, Chorley, Hough and Dean Row were officially agglomerated into what you might call "Greater Wilmslow".

The picture at left shows the church from the garden of remembrance.

A few years back the Parish magazine found it's way into the national news.

Looking over the graveyard, towards the Carrs:

The church during the major renovations:

The church from the garden of remembrance; you can just see the former George & Dragon pub - the white building at top left:

The garden of remembrance looking towards the Bollin.