Wilmslow - Alderley Road

Alderley Road leads south out of Wilmslow through Fulshaw and on to the village of Alderley Edge.

Below is a picture of the Wilmslow exit from the bypass roundabout, in its usual state; it has a magnetic effect on vehicles. With the new bypass extension it will probably get even more of a hammering.

Alderley Road Roundabout Crash

Alderley Road used to be a quiet car-free thoroughfare. These are some of Amy May's photos from the 1930's just after a road-widening scheme had been finished. The next few picures are on Alderley Road looking north towards Wilmslow. Thanks to Richard Bullock for figuring out where these are. The first three show what is now the Kings Arms roundabout.

Alderley Road

Alderley Road

This one is also looking back from the Alderley Edge direction towards Wilmslow with the ((future) Kings Arms roundabout in the far distance. Look at that huge empty expanse of tarmac!