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Northern California

...continued from part 1


A more distant mountain view of what I guess is Mt Shasta? It could be Mount Kilimanjaro!
Click on the image to see a larger version.

Sculptures in a memorial part. This is actually out of chronological order and was taken before the picture above. Can't remember the exact nature of the park.

What you're seeing is the shadow of a hand from one sculpture on some corroded iron in another sculpture.


Sunrise, Hoopa Indian Reservation

Also sunrise, Hoopa Indian Reservation. As time passes the mist burns off revealing more detail on the ground. I can't decide which picture I prefer - and of course there are several more taken in between.

Taken from the same spot as the previous two but this time looking South

This looked great through the viewfinder but has turned out to be a bit of a puzzle picture. What is it?

Click here for the answer.

A Bed & Breakfast Inn at Ferndale; after sunset but before complete darkness. This shot was particularly difficult to take as I was struggling to finish eating an ice cream at the time.


Sunrise on the road out of Ferndale.

Avenue of the Giants, in the Humboldt Redwoods State Park

Pipework at the Benbow Inn, at Benbow on highway 101, where we enjoyed an excellent late breakfast.

Vinyards in the Napa Valley. I don't think the cactus is used in the winemaking process.

On to the Sacramento Delta and the town of Locke

And finally we're back in Sacramento, taking photos of the lifting bridge by night.

The bridge is up and you can just see the trails of the lights on the boat passing below the bridge during this time exposure.

The sodium lighting does make the photo rather too yellow I think.

What's the name of the bridge?


A bank building near the bridge. It looks translucent (like an iBank perhaps?) but it's the light on the concrete steps of the pyramid.

Also a bit yellow - in fact this is an almost monochrome picture. Some powerful fill-in flash on the front right might have improved the picture?

What's the name of the bank?

Well that's it. There are lots more photos; some of them even worth looking at, but too many to put up on this web site.
Thanks of course to Dave Wyman - organiser, ace photographer with an encyclopaeic knowledge of the back roads of Northern California - and to all the other participants who made it an enjoyable trip.
Visit the URL below if you want more info on photo tours like this.
www.iqtours.com (please clean me!)
Click here to see the first half of the Northern California gallery.

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