Concorde at Manchester - the 1980s

All the dates are approximate; give or take a month...

July 1982

G-BOAF arrives, July 1982. About to pass over the Heald Green traffic lights, this is the view from my then-office - very handy! Note spectators in the extreme bottom right hand corner. A standard 24 arrival.

G-BOAF ariving, July 1982

G-BOAF departs, July 1982

G-BOAF departs, July 1982. This is an 06 departure - i.e. the "wrong way", over Ringway Road.

December 1982

Hello! Here I come! Another 06 departure as Concorde comes over the hump in the runway. December 1982; A/C unknown.

Airborne. December 1982; A/C unknown.

And off into the distance. December 1982; A/C unknown.

Roundabout 1985

AF Concorde departs Manchester circa 1985. Someone might remember the date from the building work?

The same departure; airborne.

November 1986

Concorde G-BOAG passes a distant Jodrell Bank telescope as it arrives on a grey day, November 1986.

Concorde G-BOAG taxiis in, November 1986.

July 1987

A busy month!

G-BOAG arrives, July 1987.

G-BOAB arrives, July 1987.

Departing Concorde, July 1987; A/C unknown.

G-BOAA; July 1987.

December 1987

BA Concorde departs from Manchester in December 1987. Can't quite read the registration...

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