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This picture was actually taken 15 years ago & I forgot where it was. No-one else knew either. But now I know - it's Cordoba. In the foreground is the Guadalquiver, crossed by the Roman Bridge and on the far bank the tall building is the cathedral atop the mosque. The scene has changed little in the intervening years - the water mill's tiled roof is falling in, and the fisherman has packed his rod and gone home.

A courtyard in the 15th century Viana Palace.

Church front (possibly San Pablo) - it's painted those colours. Click on the picture to zoom in.

A back street scene. Actually most streets in central Cordoba are back streets - there are few thoroughfares.

The cathedral and mosque, or Mezquita.

Interior; Moorish arches stretch into the distance. When a mosque 40,000 worshippers could gather inside.

Prayer area, mihrab.

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